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Can someone help me identify this bayonet? Answered

Have this bayonet, i know its around the WW-II era, i believe german, but cant get a correct description

Overall length 15.4"
Blade length 10.15"
Handle length 5.25"
handle feels kinda plastic,

any info will help


The new google site allows you to take pictures of any object and identify it using the image scanner. You can even access the information in your smartphone by just snapping photos.
best of luck

Google is my friend. I used Google Images to search for "bayonet". I found one that looked very similar to the OP's primary image (I didn't even look at the secondaries). It was posted in a blog where someone said it looked like a "kar 98".

Searching for "kar 98 bayonet" took me to the Wikipedia article on the rifle, which specified what bayonet it used (the "S84/98 III"). Going back to Google Images with that specific search term brought up multiple images which matched the OP.

Total time, about five minutes.

Aw, and here I thought you just knew that offhand...I was like, dang, impressive, I didn't know the military was still teaching about bayonets as recently as you were in. :P

The Marines still teach and use bayonets currently. For close-quarters infantry or irregular combat, it's much more efficient and effective to have a knife attached to your weapon than to have to put down the weapon and draw a separate blade.

I'd bought one over 35 years ago that looked similar but was definitely from the Korean war; bought the unused blade as a collector's item and found out after the purchase that there were approx. 10,000 others just like it floating about out there.....oh well, it is still a nice looking piece.

Like your logistics.

I wish I was younger to continue in this wondrously linked new world .....


Oh hush that, you're not allowed to make comments eluding to you being old until you have past your 99th birthday!

You got me, I ain't that old and I have my new iPad three to keep me comfortable and warm in the coming years in fact this was dictated on the pad, Now that is FUN.  Maybe we'll talk about this in 30 years:-)


I knew I should have waited for the new one to come out before getting one. Now I am stuck with the iPad 2, but not going to complain.... much. :) The voice to text on my iphone can't figure out my dialect, so it wouldn't probably work much better.

Yes, impressive. (Now all you need is credit for the "best answer"). ;)

Looks like the Kar 98 to me, but the muzzle ring has been partially removed, you can still see part of the bottom side though.

definitely looks like a karabiner 98 but maybe take it to a speciallist :/

One really good site as a starting point for researching Antique and vintage bayonets - http://www.worldbayonets.com/Bayonet_Identification_Guide/bayonet_identification_guide.html
This really doesn't fit the full description of the Kar 98, nor does the photo. Not saying it isn't, as there were multiple manufacturers of this particular bayonet. It is often confused with an M98. Is the hilt that is throwing me off, plus I am not an arms expert.
Do you have the sheath by any chance? And could you post better photos of the imprints?
If there is a sunburst imprint on it could you please post that photo as clearly as possible?