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Can someone help me to make a VU meter with (15(Row)x12(column)) x2 LED's ?? Answered

I want to construct a VU meter ...which  can be plugged into a MP3 player or a pc...and then  get the sound output from the VU meter..I made holes onto 2 bamboos where I will be placing the LED's 180 on each bamboo...There is an image also..But I would like to know that how can I make it.and which components I would require to make it....A detailed working would be really appreciated..



Do you mean a VU meter, or a spectrum analyser ?

Can I make both in 1 circuit?? If not then any one of them will work... :)

If you want a VU meter, the simplest method is to use a LM3915 bar graph driver chip, but to drive so many LEDs you need to beef up the output drivers a LOT.


Yeah..that's what I want to know....How to make it...from ...A-Z..Hope I am not asking for too much..

If you don't know much about electronics, yes, you're asking too much.

Get the LM3916 (that's a 6 not 5 - the 6 is a "proper" VU meter scale) datasheet first.

You can run the 3916 on 25 volts, and then you can put probably 10 Leds in series on each channel of your meter.

Google "color organ". I think that's what you are really looking for.

That's really nice...But I actually want to make a VU meter.. :) Thanks