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Can someone help me with a car dvd player? Answered

hi, i just got a dvd player for a car/van, it has a 20" screen (i think). the cabin lights work, but i was told it didn't turn on. well there are inumerous wires that come out of the thing, and i hooked up 12v to a red and a black, and pressed the power button, but nothing happened. can someone help? i really need to get this thing working.

any help is appreciated



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Does it have the name of the manufacturer on it anywhere? That would be the right place to start. Go to the manufacturer's Web site and download the "installation manual" for it, and follow the instructions. If you've got a model number, then you're golden; otherwise you'll have to browse.

If you don't know who made it, or what the model number is, you're probably out of luck.

thanks, i just found the information on the net. it is a Metrik Mobile MCO-T18, the back panel was missing so all i had to go by was the logo on the back of the screen. i'll see about finding a installation manual, hopefully i can get this thing to work. I was hoping to replace my crt with it, so if it works, i wont need a chunky crt, and i can use my flimsy desk as a computer desk too.
PS: i found the model number here

Congratulations! That's pretty much what you need. I've been successful in the past by putting the whole name in quotes, and adding "manual" or "guide" or "installation" to the Google search. You'll probably have to try a few different things, unless you find "Metrik Mobile"'s corporate Web site.

Hah! First hit on Google: http://metrikmobile.com/. The rest I leave up to you :-)

i just took pictures of the circuit boards. there are 6:
1 has the front panel communications on it, eg: ir leds for a wireless headset, ir led for the remote, buttons,(including power button), and the power light. you can't see this one because it id underneath the dvd drive.

1 is rca jacks

1 is a cable in cable converson box thing. apparently you can hook this up to the tv.

another board has many ics on it, a big processor type one, and two different memory chips, i think. this board has the power connector, dvd drive connector, one that goes to the cable board (and something else), what looks like another power connector (it has a red and a black wire as well), and then it has 2 empty connectors

another board has what looks like a bios chip, a graphics chip (i think, its covered by a sub-board with the lcd connection on it), a voltage regulator, 2 crystal oscillators, and i belive an inverter of some sort (it is a grey square with a circle section in the middle that says 330 on it) and many empty spots for extras on the board.

the last one has connections for internal and external rca jacks, something that looks like power, another connection to the cable board, and an orange and brown wired connection on it. i have taken pictures with a IR webcam, so i apologize for the bad quality


so it still didn't work. do you have any ideas?
should i take a picture of the insides so you can see what im dealing with?

ha! i beat you there. i looked there, but could only find the manual for the t15, the same model with a smaller screen. i have the right wires hooked up, (to 12v) but pushing the power button on either the remote or the player does anything. i had the cabin lights on, and i hooked the dvd player up afterwards, and the lights dimmed a bit. perhaps this is a sign that a soldered fuse is blown? tomorrow i will try with a pc power supply, maybe i dont have enough amps to let it turn on, the 12v power supply i have been using was for a cordless phone. wish me luck!