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Can someone help me with this schematic for a reverb pedal footswitch? Answered

I am trying to build a foot switch to turn off and on this effect on my amp and I cant figure out what i need to build it correctly! This is a schematic of my amp http://ampwares.com/schematics/twin_reverb_sf_135.pdf , and in the bottom left hand corner there is a dotted rectangle around the schematic for the pedal. it seems simple when i look at it but could someone please explain what it is and/or what i need? Thanks!! If you cant find it on there, then theres a picture of it below!



6 years ago

It is simple! It's just a switch that connects the output of the reverb tank (and the grid of the recovery tube) to ground. When the switch is open the signal passes through; when it's closed, the reverb is muted.

The dotted rectangle just means it's physically removed from the rest of the circuit. The little circle is a jack and plug.

You'll need a good quality footswitch; one that latches (push on, push off). AES is a good source. Tadya is another.

Thank you so much! This helps a bunch!!

YOu need a switch ! I'd suggest a microswitch. It needs wiring so that it only closes when you stand on it.