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Can someone make a video of them making a portable nes and post it on youtube and give me a link? Answered

I've seached hundreds of websites trying to find one and i can't find one single video exept that dumb system video for n64 that's really chunky. Can someone make a video or at least help me find one? I want it kind of like this but for the nes not snes.



If you are after the principles of making a handheld portable shown in video teaching guides, look on my Wordpress site as i'm 95% done on my set of video log guides for making an N64 portable. The principles are the same for several old school console systems, the videos I am referring to show the principles required and how to.

When done, I intend to make it "Instructable friendly" and post it here. 

 You could do that, but if it is portable classic gaming you are looking for, you could just as easily buy one of these.  Also, you could install custom firmware on a DS or PSP (I used a PSP), and run emulators and roms off of those.

The problem with that is I don't have much money and I like using the original controls and I'd have to buy the game to get a rom and not break the law with piracy.

 If you are concerned about money, buying the cartridges, necessary parts/supplies, and finding and purchasing an old console isn't the cheapest option out there.

Also, while they are illegal, Nintendo hasn't taken too many steps against Roms and Emulators.  They are much more worried about Wii ISOs/pirated games.

Yes but I'm more of a visual person, I need to watch a video to understand it fully.

I'd hope that if anyone makes such a video they post it here on Instructables, with additional pictures and commentary as necessary...

(Don't look at me; not my style.)