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Can someone please diagnose this? It's driving me crazy! Answered

A couple days ago I got a red bump on my foot. No biggie, thought it was an ant bite. Now I had bumps on most parts of my body, and they itch like hell. They range from small to somewhat large, and they are red. They itch so bad I can't even concentrate. There isn't a lot of them, but enough to be a PITA. Right now they are on my feet, arms, toes, wrist and jaw line. I checked WebMD and it gave so many things that were really, really bad, so that was kind of scary. I don't they are too bad, but I don't want to scratch them and make scars. I've been inside mostly for the last week or so, save two days working on my dad's truck (had bug spray on), and about two weeks ago I climbed a small hill through some thick thorns, vines, and other crap. Perhaps I had a tick on me? If anyone can help, I'd sure appreciate it!


It's poison ivy. It gets everywhere and takes two-three weeks to subside for some people. Been in the woods lately?

That's the thing - I haven't been in the woods for about two weeks.

I did work on my dad's truck's radiator - could I be having an allergic reaction to the antifreeze?

*sigh* I guess I'll wait it out, and hope it stops spreading. It's getting dangerously close to my boys!

I doubt it was antifreeze. No matter how nasty it was, antifreeze doesn't contain anything that can cause allergic reactions. Just methanol, water, (ethanol?) and whatever the coolant system released. It's possible you have a particle rash, like I get when crawlng about in my attic, with its loose-fiber fiberglass insulation. The little tiny bits of junk dig into your skin and it itches like hell, like you have a million teeny tiny splinters. Were there little tiny filings in the antifreeze? It's also possible that there is something (organic or chemical) in the dirt around where your dad parked his truck, and the dust got on you. Anything odd about it at all, such as a tendecy not to grow plants when similar areas are thriving?

Well, it was concrete, so no, I guess not. Right now I'm going under the assumption that it's poison ivy, because it does look similar and blisters are forming like hell. I'm using Ivy-Dry Super - anyone ever had any luck with it?

looks like dermatitis. or it could be chigger bites Next time, make a solution of bleach and water. (household bleach 10:1) and rinse your body with it. The bleach will neutralize any chemicals, it could be something from the truck, bug spray, or something out in the woods. FYI bleach can also be used in case your involved in a CBRNE attack to decontaminate yourself or equipment.

Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, quite deadly, be sure to get your affairs in order.

They look slightly chigger-ish to me, but it's always so hard to tell.

So? What was it? Are you fine? Dead? Inhabited?

Fine, but itchy. I'm hoping it will pass in a week or so and not spread anywhere else. I might have to go to the dermatologist. Strange how there is still so much that humans don't understand.

Some things I don't understand; Poker Leet Chinese Why "American" football is called a sport Daytime TV Soaps International finance Tongue piercing Why people still buy lager, even though real ale is available. K'NEXers Pokemon etc.

See a dermatologist, but I personally am thinking spiderbites. Ticks probably wouldn't do that, their bites are smaller. Could be chiggers, too...

Looking at the pictures, not I'm starting to itch! I get those when I haven't trimmed the grass on my property for a while and it's really tall. I also get it when I head out to the woods sometimes. Looking it up, what you've got (and I just got over) is a classic case of chiggers. Give it a few days, you'll be fine. I also get bumps and itching similar to that from certain bugsprays. A lot of times, unless I know I'll be risking a nasty insect, I prefer long clothing over bugspray. Same with sunscreen. It is generally an annoyance and an irritant.

I get this all the time. It's because you went in probably poison ivy or some other kind of plant. It makes you itch a lot, and when you scratch it hard, it'll pop off or something, and make a small black dot. I usually get these on my back and feet. I forgot what it's called, but don't worry about it, it's not that dangerous.

How long does it does it take for you to get rid of them? I really don't want to walk around at school with red dots all over me. The bumps aren't contagious, are they? They just seem to keep spreading on me without giving up.

Ok, I'll wait about that long - if anything gets worse or stays the same, I'm going to a dermatologist. Any good remedies for the itchiness you know? Thanks!

Simple hydrocortisone cream has yet to fail me.

I got that on one of my elbows once. It went away after a while but I was still concerned that I had something wrong with me.

Hmm with the pics up I'd say it looks a helluva lot like what we call chiggers. Go swimming in a public, chlorinated pool for a few hours, and wash your bedding, and check any animals for similar bites. Chiggers will bite just about any mammal. They burrow into your skin in larval form and emerge a few days later as adults. A flea or tick bomb should kill them.

That's possible--I was on the receiving end a couple years ago, after an outing to a local park. They take a day or so to show up, then you get small red welts that itch like mad for three or four days. Bran--I was a little freaked, too, being so familiar with mosquito bites that develop immediately, then gradually disappear... (still, if they don't lessen soon, I'd seek pro help.)

Picture please? I think I know what it is.


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There's really no way to tell what it could be because those are the symptoms of many, many ailments. I would recommend trying a hydrocortisone cream, and if that doesn't help you out - see a dermatologist. It could be that you're having some sort of crazy allergic reaction or something. You never know, really. :)

Hahaha, that;s something I've heard before. It comes with being a health major. :P

I kinda freak out every now and then when I have red bumps. I got some after I picked up some lavender soap at a folklife festival. But as long as they aren't enveloping your entire body, and you are alive, just throw some anti-itch cream and wait.

It's postalitis - it's a circulatory complication of radiation damage from a poorly-shielded CRT. The recommended treatment is an enema of puréed Altoids, followed by amputation of all the unaffected parts.

Or maybe it's fleas.

If you still have them tomorrow, go see a quack.

You're a woodsman guy, it's probably poison ivy.

If you've had antibiotics lately it could be a reaction, even after you're off them, granted that's usually all over and not so big. It could be some kind of bite like chiggers or horseflies. Could be a reaction to something random.