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Can someone please help me build a MMPR communicator? I don't know how to do anything with leds or etc? Answered

I want it to have two LEDs that blink when i press a button and I'd like it to play a sound when i press another button. I haven't been able to find any sort of help anywhere else.


From radio shack you can get a 20 second recorder. Get that and record the sound you want to hear from it. Hook a speaker and switch and battery and put it into your communicator. You can buy leds that flash all you have to do is connect them to the right size battery and put a switch on them. You might have to order them unless you have a good electronics store near you. Frys.com has them and in store also. RAdio shack has blinking leds also so if you're near a RS then they have everything you need. If you don't want to use the blinking leds you'll have to build a circuit. I would use a 555 timer chip and some other parts. Google 555 timer and you can easily find a simple led flasher circuit. Or better yet google led flasher circuit. The good thing about the timer circuit is that you can adjust it to flash at the rate you want it too. Good luck.

Plastic molding. Google how to make plastic molds, and it'll tell u how and what u need. If you want to make a real working communicator, you'll need to get the smallest bluetooth headset u can find and register it to your cell. u just take the plastic frame off of the bluetooth and position the speaker and other components in the center. WARNING! Do Not krazy glue. use rubber cement. and don't glue it until you have made sure there's enough room for the LED lights. You can download the communicator ringtone to your cell at phonezoo.com, or make your own at the same site. make sure that when you put it together, you can still take it apart to charge the bluetooth. go with Re-design's idea for the led. the bluetooth saves you ALOT of time and programming. make sure that one of the buttons has a hole in it that's connected to the receiver part on the bluetooth, so it's like a cell phone on your wrist. message me if u need more help.

Didn't you ask this yesterday?

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Yea i had asked but it was getting pushed to the back of the pack and i wasn't getting alot of answers that helped

perhaps asking in the forum then would be the best option. Answers is a good place to get a quick answer to a question. 'can you help me do this' isn't really a question, more a request. I know that seems goofy - but try the forums. Your stuff will not get buried so fast.

I didn't know there was a forums section lol