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Can someone please help me get past my schools software restriction policy? Answered

ok..so everytime i try to download limewire or when i try to make my own administrator account this little window pops up and says that i cant do that because its against my schools software restriction policy. all i want is some music so i can make my own cd's. if you can help that would be much appreciated :)


aight...i dont care if my school gets fined. i just need to know how to be able to get passed the privacy thing and execute files

Yeah, but I care.  My taxes pay for you to get an education, and they paid for the computers you want to screw up with Limewire which, by the way, is a hotbed of disease.  I'm surprised your home computer isn't so bogged down with cooties that they hop off your keyboard and crawl up your sleeves.

How about this - get a job.  Any job will do.  Then, when you look at what you gross, you'll see all those little taxes and fees come out and have the warm fuzzy feeling we adults get in knowing that you are laboring so that other kids in your school can learn something.  Then, look at your net income for the week - this number is approximately what it costs for a single hour of time for an IT professional to set up the security that keeps those pesky, meddling kids from ruining the computers bought by your tax dollars.  Just think, in two months your earnings at your McJob will have barely covered what it costs for that professional to remove a virus infection from an entire school network.

See why no one wants to help?

Of course not, but you eventually will when you choose a career.  At least it can be said that all your knowledge in using computers will come in really handy when you go to press the burger button.

haha i would gladly get paid $8 an hour for just pushing a burger button

Erm.. What do you mean? That most of the answerers say something like, "Shoo!", or  "You damn kids! Get off my lawn!", instead of something more helpful like, "Reboot the computer using your own LiveCD or thumbdrive.", or something technical like that.  I mean it'd be hard to write a quick one or two sentence reply to cover the whole spectrum of different school internet security setups.  That why I pointed our new member-friend to that big machine-generated link pile.

That's exactly what I mean - almost all of the answers consist of "screw around on your own time, do schoolwork at school". One might begin to suspect that people aren't even trying to be helpful.

I was trying to be unhelpful.  For once, its just my prerogative. 

When I was graduating high school I was a computer lab monitor, and would sit at the back of the room while the teacher was at the front...teaching.  I used the remote takeover program to lock out students who were blatantly disregarding
a) the lesson
b) school policy

See? My suspicions were correct, in at least one case. From this we can form something of a hypothesis: Many people who frequent the Answers forum believe that students should study while at school, instead of other, non-educational activities like downloading music or playing Halo. Based upon the available evidence found on this and other similar threads, I believe the hypothesis is basically sound, although I do acknowledge that the supporting evidence is largely anecdotal and thus colored by my own lack of objectivity. I also stipulate that the sample size is not statistically significant for the purpose of determining the prevailing opinion of the Instructables community as a whole.

The point of all this gibberish? School good. Learning stuff good. This many Instructablers can't be wrong.

the formation and subsequent lack of formation of a coherent conclusion there made me think as I read it further and further that you were going to ream us out for being cynical :D

We're not elitist, just right.

Sorry, I think the cat stepped on the Obfuscate Lock key while I was typing.

  1. Graduate from school
  2. study to become a teacher
  3. Work a few years
  4. Become Principal of your old school
  5. Change school AUP
Success !

or, don't do step 5, because by that time you'll hate kids trying to waste time instead of learning on the school network.

No. I will not. Ask your school admin, and if they will not open the port, then do it at home. Limewire transfers are more often than not not just against school rules, but also quite illegal.

And while I could give a hoot whether you download vids or music, the school system could become subject to a lawsuit for allowing you to do so.

Very very true, My college that I was at last year received a very hefty fine for just one student that was discovered downloading music using the college network.

I'll just echo what the others wrote, because...they are faster than me...and in this case, less lazy.

It is probable you could get thru - but we don't care to tell you how.  How's THAT for snarky?

.  I was much too lazy to give an answer to the question but I will make the effort to say

I <3 snarky


It's their computer.  They make the rules.  Go home and play with you own computer.