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Can someone please help with a simple lighting circuit.? Answered

I connected 7 NiMh batteries in series. I connected another set of 7 NiMh in series. Then, I connected the 2 sets together in parallel. A voltage check of the battery pack reads 9.4V. I want to build a miner style light out of it. I'd like to put the battery pack on a belt, and have a control box, also on the belt, with an on/off switch, a dimmer, and a battery recharging connection. I know how to solder and have a basic understanding of electricity. What type dimmer, bulb, etc. would be best? I'd like the light to be as bright as possible, without continually blowing bulbs. Something like this is what I had in mind, but I'm not sure what size/type components to use. Also, am I missing anything?




6 years ago

First, I don't think you you have ever been inside a mine or cave.
Second, you don't want to blind anyone traveling with you.
I use four LEDs and switch 3 of them off after a while because even a single LED eventually gets too bright.
A single led uses very little battery power and lasts for days..



You're right, I've never spent any time in a mine. Haha However, I do need the light as bright as possible. I'm going to use it for hunting raccoons at night. They are very hard to find in a tree without an extremely bright light.

Try this ible.  The circuit you have will damage destroy the pot when your in the most CCW lowest resistance area..