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Can someone tell me the price of 1 x 1 timber at Bunning's Warehouse? Answered

Well, I making one of these and I need 1" x 1" timber, I can't get there until the weekend, but I'd like to get a price so I can give my friend an estimate on how much the sculpture will cost.


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memyselfand1Best Answer (author)2009-11-04

you're aussie too? mein gott.

the bunnings website dosen't actually show that many of their products, 1x1 timber for example. you're just going to have to ring them or head down and find out.

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lemonie (author)memyselfand12009-11-04

Does it give store phone numbers (required address details I didn't have)


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orksecurity (author)2009-11-03

If you want to know the price at a particular store -- especially one which is relatively local -- call them rather than asking the net. Or check whether they have their own website.

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