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Can someone trace all the calls, text Msgs, social app Msgs from my phone? Incase yes then how? Answered

I want to know if someone can trace all the details of my phone and incase it's possible then how do I get rid of the same.


i want call details of airtel no is in hyderbad


3 years ago

Anyone is working in Vodafone store, he was continue call and massage to me about my call details. I wish suit in court, can i do it.

If yes, Please give me procedure.

Problem is the provider tracks it all. See your phone is constantly pinging for near by towers. The provider keeps a record of that so they know where the phone is so calls can be routed to your phone. Most of the time they are not recording your conversations unless there is a court order to do so. But texts are typically stored. In some countries they are required to keep all those records for extended periods of time. Another problem is not all providers are very secure with that info. Some don't even ask for a court order to release those records.

If you want to get rid of the info and not be tracked then stop using a cell phone. If you must use one then get a 'burner phone' (pre-paid phone). Buy a new one every week and update your family and friends with your new number every week. If that doesn't work then only turn your phone on when you need it, stop texting and keep conversations to a minimum. If your really paranoid then pull the battery out when your not using it.

thank you for your comments.

And bw would I come to know incase someone was tracing all my details ?

You wouldn't. But then that's the whole point isn't it?

ya it is, no doubt. But it's quite demoralizing of not knowing how to deal with the same.

Be it tracking via electronic measures or someone hiring a few Priveat Eyes to follow you, you won't know it's happening. No since it getting all paranoid about it. Unless of course you have or are still doing something that you shouldn't be and trying to keep it hidden.

There's nothing actually that could be kept hidden. A private watch seems to be kept which is hampering on some of the privacy matters, so trying to know incase something could be done for the same.

There is no way of knowing if you are being monitored until it's too late. Really there is nothing you can do about it either. Only when it's come to light that these things have been happening to you can you try and find some legal reason to press charges against them.

is there no other solution to get rid of this..except for changing of your phone no. ?

If this is done illegally then can we sue the person ??

Yes if someone obtains that information without a warrant you can sue. You can sue the provider and possibly the person using the information. Since they obtained ti illegally. But if it's a government who obtained the info there isn't anything you can do and will likely never know it happened. But it's safe to say your federal government already has agreements with all your local providers to get this information. I'm also certain that your not important enough for your government to worry about and put forth the time and money to keep track of you.

Bottom line is the phone has to talk to any and all nearby towers and the provider has to know where the phone is at for it to work. No way around that. So if you don't want to be tracked don't have a phone or only use it when needed. Better yet stop whatever activities your doing that could cause you trouble if people found out about it.

One more thing... Most cell phones (at least here in the US) are required to have GPS. So if you dial 911 they can get your exact location in case of an emergency. You have the option to turn that feature off. So you may want to check that yours is off. It is typically on by default.

*Required* to have GPS? In the UK, that's an extra feature, only found on "smart" phones.

It may not be GPS. But it's a location service which helps law enforcement better pinpoint your location. It may just be the phone relaying triangulation information, such as the cell towers it can talk to, to law enforcement.

That makes sense, and it doesn't even need to be "in" the phone - it's just part of how the phone works.

Short answer yes.

If they have the legal right to do so then your provider will have to give them access.

In real time it's easier. I don't know if the providors store text messages for any time.

Is there any way to get rid of the same, incase someone is using them for keeping a watch on you ?


4 years ago

There is a new phone soon to be available that is supposed to be hack resistant. It is called the "Black Phone" and the entire thing is encrypted. Everything from the OS to the calls you make, its all on a security encryption process. It is however going to be very expensive, around $800 from what I have heard.

This phone came to light during the olympics because it was such a problem there that they told people to just leave their phones off. Withing minutes of being turned on a test phone was hacked into and all the data downloaded from it. The Russians said it wasn't them doing it -----.

I like the way Prince handels it. In a recent talk show apperance he was asked if it was true that he didn't have a cell phone. He said yes, he has no phone. So they asked what he does if he wants to get in touch with someone. He said everybody else always has phones so he just uses one from the people around him.

Yes they can trace every thing you do with your phone.

Your service provider keeps a record of everyone you call and everyone that calls you.

They even keep a record of your roaming.

Not just anyone can get these records, but they can be gotten especially if it is a joint account.


Then there are spy aps that can be downloaded to your phone without you knowing they are there.

If someone can get your phone without you knowing they can download an ap that sends them everything you do, get, and your GPS location if you have GPS on your phone.

It was made for tracking cheating spouses and it was available here in North America for a time now you can only get it from European websites.

To stop this LOCK YOUR PHONE when it is out of your sight.

Last Passwords something only you wold think of or remember.

Almost everyone you know, knows your birthday and half of them know your middle name so DON'T USE THEM.

Profanities work well if you are a polite speaker.