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Can thermochromic dye be used of hair without damaging the hair or wearing off? Answered

im looking to find out exactly what the question asks.....is it possible to dye hair with thermochromic dye without doing any damage to the hair..............if not ill the dye wear off?                          all answers welcome :)


I would assume you could dye hair. I have seen clothing dyed with thermochromic dye. It probably would not be any worse for hair than normal dye is. (Unless you buy the kind meant for cars.)

The only problem would be any hair close to your head would be stuck on the heated color, so unless you have long hair, it wouldn't be very noticable.


7 years ago

Since hair grows back (usually) its one of the few things you can experiment on without fear of really bad results. Unless of course you have a fear of being bald for a while.
I have always wondered how a car would look with thermal color changing paint. The little match box ones are fun but on a big scale you could leave hand prints and even butt prints on the hood and it would disappear when it cooled down.