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Can this Charger charge this battery? Answered

For the past couple days I have been looking through the internet for the perfect battery and charger for very little and i think I found it!!! Please let me know if you think this battery and the charger will be compatible and will charge properly. I intend on cutting the leads of so I can have matching leads  (so the battery and the charger can connect obviously)

Here is the battery I intend on purchasing: 

Here is the charger I intend on purchasing to charge the battery:

Please let me know if this charger will be able to charge the battery!

Thank you so much for all your guys help! I love instructables, everyone helps everyone out!

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frollard (author)2013-02-21

As steve says, the one you linked will work, and it's safe...Only problem with the charger is it doesn't balance the series cells. Important for longer cell lifespan.


I would recommend something like that for 2-3 multi-cell lithium charging.

You mention in your keywords arduino altoids...Will a 106mm x 36mm x 14mm battery fit? A standard altoids tin is 57mmx89mm.

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steveastrouk (author)2013-02-21

Battery volts = charger volts: check.
Charger properly designed: check.

Yep, you're good, and safe ! to go.


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