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Can we join two metal surfaces of Stainless Steel & Mild Steel without welding them? Answered

My question is that is there any gum/paste/glue to fix the both the joints. My application is that we want to join the Mild Steel enclosure with Stainless Steel Flange without any gap between the two joining surfaces. Our thickness of the metal is the Mild steel is of 1.2 mm thickness & 1.5 mm of Stainless steel. Pls suggest your valid answers.



Thanx for your comments. I would request you to suggest what type of putty / ahdesive or the glue has to be used for joining the two surfaces MS Body & SS Flange. Waiting for your valuable answers

Grooved seam joint?

I would pop rivet and seal the joint before with silicone if I wanted to be a real seal.

Either rivets, or braze would work well

a 2-part epoxy like jb weld or other putty adhesive would get the job done. It won't be the strongest thing in the world but not bad. It will help mechanical strength if the 2 parts interlock before being glued together.