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Can you change the shape of an Ni-Ca battery? Answered

From my experience a battery is a collection of cells; and since Ni-Ca batteries are cased in heatshrink you can see the various cells it is made up of!  As I just bought the wrong battery for my airsoft gun (it is way too big) I thought if I took the casing off and disassembled it into various batteries could you then turn it into a stick battery?
May seem obvious; but I'm new to this :)



Best Answer 3 years ago

Yea you probably can, But take care that the thermal sensor if any is not defeated in your re-position and battery re-make.

When I did this before, some of the welded flat electrical connects broke off and any attempted soldering repair would overheat damage the battery.

Thanks; instead of soldering would electrical tape work do you think? Is this worth the risk or should I try and refund first?

Electrical tape is made to stretch and gives way after a time.

I had resorted to using tin snips to cut the flat steel strips in the middle where it was sure it would soon brake and then used acid core tin lead solder and stranded copper wire flat spread the ends to join the steel tab to copper to steel tab.

Definitely try the refund route !

BTW thanks for marking best answer.


Sorry for the late reply; Thanks for the information; turns out they sent me the wrong battery to the one I ordered anyway so they gave me a double refund and I got a working one. But it was helpful and interesting to see if it might work! Thanks again!