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Can you download or record video on Hulu? Answered

If possible I would like it to be free.


There is a Hulu downloader tool that can help you to get the video from Hulu.com.

How convert videos into a .ISO or .DVD file?
If you want to burn video to DVD for watching on a home DVD player, you can convert video to MPEG-2 format and then burn to DVD. Looking for the easy way to do it? You can try this 1 click video to DVD maker here

Yeah, since Hulu videos are encrypted with DRM, so the normal way to download videos are not workable to Hulu. You can try many Hulu downloaders which were useful before but now are useless.

Thus, the only feasible way you can use to record Hulu video is to capture it from computer screen. This software has recording screen feature, it's a right choice for you. Further, it supports to convert recorded videos for watching on portable devices.

You know, I used to record Hulu shows with some app called Hulu Downloader but it just stopped working one day. Found out later that the reason it did not work anymore is that they have some sort of encryption on their video streams these days,  I think now Hulu streams are in RTMP-e format if I recall corectly. That's too bad cause I love to catch up in  there with the latest episodes from some tv series I like and I just hate to watch online video streaming, would rather be able to download Hulu shows I like.
Since that Replay AV app mentioned here is just too expensive for my taste, guess I'm gonna try Tunebite.Maybe you could give me a couple more hints on how does it download Hulu videos?
I hope it's nothing too hard to use because I'm not exacty what you would call an expert on this sort of things.


8 years ago

 I was very curious about this Tunebite if it really records hulu and I was pretty amazed when I saw that it really captures video streaming. Before trying this one, I've tried other software which in their descriptions sustained they are hulu downloaders, but didn't managed to have anything from a movie, even if I followed all the steps for downloading hulu's shows. 
Anyway, tried with the free version, but got only 1 min recording from a hulu show, but was enough to see its function. Still with this freeware I saved many youtube videos on my pc and even converted them to 3gp so now I have videos on my phone.
In the future I'll definitely buy the full version as I want to record as many movies as possible from hulu. 


8 years ago

I also use Tunebite. It's available as freeware now also.
They made some nice video guides on how to use the new versions: https://www.instructables.com/answers/Can-you-download-or-record-video-on-Hulu/

Can it convert videos into a .ISO or .DVD file?

Also, tunebite can record movies from hulu and other streaming online sites. It even captures the encrypted files. Besides, it downloads music from music web sites and converts all the files in the needed formats.


8 years ago

There's some software called "Replay AV: that will do it for about $100.00. It doesn't stop there though. It will also let you crop video and supports multiple downloads.