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Can you dye baby powder and keep it powder? Answered

Say I want to dye talcum powder or cornstarch powder red, blue, gray, whatever - but in the end, I still need it as a powder.
Is there a way to do this?


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rickharris (author)2011-07-17

Not and still use it as baby powder!! I hope

Talc and corn starch will clump if they get wet so your going to have to look for a dry colourant as suggested. powder paint suggests it's self

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orksecurity (author)2011-07-17

The only answer I can imagine working is to mix it with another powder which has the appropriate color. Be sure the pick a colorant which won't interfere with your intended eventual use of the material... which probably means a pigment rather than a dye, and perhaps a nontoxic pigment.

Websearching "nontoxic pigment" ought to give you some ideas.

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justjimAZ (author)orksecurity2011-07-17

OK. I will Google nontoxic pigment. Thanks.

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