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Can you guys help me? Answered

I have a large piece of white fabric.I also have several squares of solid orange, pink and sheer orange embroidered fabric. I am trying to make a dress for my sister with this. I attempted to do this free handed without having a sewing machine available. I am going to my grandmothers this Sunday and she has a sewing machine. Can some one help me with a pattern for a dress that I can make before Christmas?


I think its really nice that you want to make her a dress. Do you have much sewing experience? Do you know if you have enough fabric? and is it all the same type of fabric (aside from the sheer)? Do you know her size? and what style of dress you want to make her? The easiest dress patterns are sleeveless, pullover type sundresses. When you add sleeves, zippers or buttons, it becomes harder to make and will take more time.

If you can reply with more information, I'm sure we can help you figure out something to make in time for Christmas.

I have a bit of experience ((I know how to cross stitch, and use a sewing machine.I also can knit when necessary)) . I do have enough fabric ((over 6 yards total)). aside from the sheer I also have 4 yards((or almost 4)) of a white fabric that I plan on accenting with the sheer, orange and pink fabrics. I know that she is almost the same size as me. I want to do something that she can wear everyday or make formal with accessories. I want to make it almost Grecian in appearance with a modern twist. I hope I can get something done by Christmas.I can take pictures of all the fabric I have if you need to see it.Thanks for helping me with this.                               The Dreamer

I'll see if I can find something to help you, but I still need to know her size.

umm... She wears a size 16 in dresses but I don't know her exact measurements.                                                                              The Dreamer

I found a free pattern for a Grecian inspired dress. The dress can be made in various sizes and lengths. All you need to do is print the pages and put together the pattern to cut the pieces from your fabric. All the instructions you need are included in the links.

thank you for helping me find this pattern. I will be sure to use it.

You're welcome. (It shouldn't be too difficult to make, but also don't put it off much longer if you want it finished before Christmas). :-)