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Can you have two signal going over a piece of aerial/coxial cable Answered

 eg you have one cable/wire and you have the output of a vcr connected to the tv (which is in a different room, which is also where the tv aerial comes in) and on that same wire have the tv aerial connected to the vcr? Hope that is clear enough


There are several ways to accomplish that.  Each method has advantages and disadvantages.  If you want to use the SAME coax wire to send or receive (channel 3) video to various rooms, then you would need to construct a system of switches that would reverse your "IN" and "out" conncetions to the vcr at each locations.   I notice the member called "lemonie" made an instructable with something like thatvery recently.

Another method would require each vcr to output its video onto a different channel... then each room could view any vcr's signal on that channel.... all over the same single coaxial cable.  This would be expensive and difficult to build... because the channel modulators would be expensive... and cheap ones would possibly interfere with each others signal causing degradations in the picture. 

Be carefull to NOT connect your antenna to the OUTPUT of the VCR... because this will transmit your VCR signal to your neighbors several houses away will be able to view and you may interfere with local TV channels for nearby neighbors. 

You might TRY to set each VCR to a different OUTPUT channel. Most vcr's have a little switch in the back to set output for channel 2, or 3, or sometimes channel 4.  Set each one for a different channel output, rather than having  them all on same one.  then see if each tv can view the vcr on whatever channel the other room is transmitting at.  It is worth a try, but i think each channel will interfere with the other ones due to the cheap quality of the modulators.... but you dont know unless you give it a try.. if it works, you can make a nice instructable on this !!!

You normally plug the TV aerial lead into the VCR, and connect the TV to the VCR. In that way the TV signal is available from the VCR alongside the VCR signal.


This is correct - put the vcr between the aerial and the tv.  You can access the signal from the vcr whenever you want to play a tape (or other input transcoded to the coax) - and the vcr will pass through the signal when its turned off.

You might be able to get it to work since the vcr is broadcasting on ch.3 or 4.  You'll have to use a splitter or two and you might not get the best signal.

Not the way you describe.  Coax can carry multiple frequencies (e.g., all the different TV channels are in the cable simultaneously), but you need to have a receiver that can select which frequency it wants.  What you're describing would be sending the same frequency signal to two different destinations.