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Can you have windows vista downgraded to xp? Answered

My grandpa doesnt like windows vista more spacificly office 2007. He would like to have 97 on xp. Can he take it in to bestbuy or somewhere like that? If he cant could he install 97 on vista?


If it originally came with XP and was later upgraded, you can use the recovery discs (or recovery partition on the hard drive) to revert the computer to factory condition; make sure to back up any and all data before doing so, as it will be gone after the recovery.  Once finished, install Office '97.

If it came with Vista, downgrading will require a reformat to remove Vista before installing XP.  Office '97 is old enough that many documents created on Office 2003 and later will not be compatible; furthermore, security may be an issue due to the fact that since updates are not furnished for '97 anymore, vulnerabilities can be exploited in Office documents to allow nasty things to happen to the computer.

Best Buy probably won't be your best option if Vista originally came on the machine.  XP installation discs aren't sold through retail channels anymore, and device drivers for XP will need to be installed.  From what I've seen in my line of work, going through this will be prohibitively expensive through the Geek Squad, and they'll more than likely screw it up.


8 years ago

 97.. really?

anyways, if he truly wants 97, drivers will be an issue. xp is usually doable.

you can switch the theme to look like windows 97/2000. its called windows classic.


Answer 8 years ago

He wants windows xp. He likes office 97.  He wants a downgrade from vista to xp. Can he bring it in to bestbuy to have it downgraded?


Answer 8 years ago

 bestbuy likely won't have xp licenses.

i know frys has oem licenses, and that they do computer support....

You should call Best Buy if you want to know whether they will do this for you.