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Can you help me brainstorm a better way to make a vaulting barrel? Answered

Hi, Thanks for your interest.
I want to find someone to make a vaulting barrel. What is a vaulting barrel you may ask? It is a "fake horse" used in the sport of equestrian vaulting , which is gymnastics, essentially, on horseback.

There are lots of instructions around involving the welding 55 gallon drums, etc. The problem is these barrels are very heavy and unwieldly. I am not persuaded this this is the best design. I am wondering, for example, could they be made from PVC or something else? Is there a better way to attach the padding? Can the handles be removable easily. The legs, adjustable. I would love to figure out a better approach.

Here are the specsspecs (PDF) from the American Vaulting Association and here are some picturespictures.

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks so much!


Get your regular 55 gallon drum then put a pad a fluf and a cercingle on it and hook it up like u would a vaulting horse use some type of gymnastics pad to not let it roll if u want it higher up then put a long rectangular block of wood under it. Ps if needed u can make a cercingle out of duck tape

From the title I was picturing some sort of barrely size Mexican Jumping Bean type of problem...


11 years ago

Well, you could look at the way "real" gymnastics equipment is made. I think it has leather (no longer REAL leather) over padding over a frame. Handles detachable via a bolt that goes all the way through, essentially (pommel horse.) There ought to be a lot of old (gymnastics) vaulting horse on the used market these days, since they've switched to the "table." (but they're not the size you want, and they're by no means "light and easy to wield", although there's specialized moving equipment...)