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Can you help me identify this piece of Super 8 film? Answered

I have been sent photgraphs of this film which is puported to be from 1966 but it looks like it has a sound strip so I believe this would mean it was from 1973? Is that a sound strip I can see? The date of the film is critcal to further research.


. Judging by the relative size of the rebate opposite the sprockets, I'd guess that it's post-1973 sound film. But I'm no expert.

Super 8 film has always had the oxide sound stripe opposite the sprocket holes. I don't know when cameras were taking advantage of the strip. Most likely you bit of film is silent.

Looks more like a scratch than a sound strip to me, but there's nowhere near enough detail in these pictures to do more than guess.

I can't tell from your image - does the thickness of that line fluctuate at all?