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Can you make a "Rapid Fire" mod on a Ps2 controller? Answered

Is there any way of making your own "Rapid Fire" Ps2 controller mod like this Xbox mod?


Yes I would Like to see a Rapid Fire for the PS3 It sucks having Bad Joints (I can't play my games like I use too ) :-( Blame it on PONG (I never stopped playing Video Games when I 1st started playing PONG) Now I have Carpol Tunnel

unfortunatally its not as easy as the xbox mod. Im currentally modding a PS2 controller for a turret, however the 4 shoulder buttons (R1, R2, L1, L2) are all preasure sensitive, and use a variable resistance pad to redirect current, the "reader" interprets this signal and outputs an appropriate bit to the console. you would have to measure the resistance and create an appropriate circuit to trick the reader chip.

There is a mod for the PS3 controller thats similar that you can buy as a kit and install. Personally, this is one of those mods that are for people that dont want to take the time to learn how to become a good player, and would rather invest just as much time, and even more money to become a cheater, using the "spray and Pray" method.

Just to make the point, there are some of us with arthritis that don't play online, but would still like to be able to play. I am unaware of any macro controller for the PS3, more of a problem because of the "aftertouch" option. It's not always someone who wants to PWN people that want the mod.

Ahh, the "Spray an Pray" method. What a inefficient waste of bullets. A better method is the "Hoot And Shoot" method, where you make a sound or signal to lure someone in to your position. So much more effective, but so much less cooler sounding. -RoAr

dude, you're in luck

i am currently working on a rapid fire mod for ps3

i'm not done, yet

but i'll tell you how it goes

you'll have to find out what contacts on the ps2 controller fire the gun once you have those, it's pretty easy to make it

MadKatz also makes a rapid fire controller