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Can you make a regular trampoline be an in-ground trampoline? Answered

I have an above-ground trampoline that I want to take the base off of and make it an in-ground trampoline. Is this possible?



Best Answer 7 years ago

dissolve the limestone with acid

I never thought about that! I'll give you a *best answer* if you can tell me what acid to use.

hydrochloric acid isnt very strong i think, but it can dissolve limestone fairly easily so it might be worth a look.

I actually have some hydrochloric acid at my house.

try it! but be careful...

Yeah I also have some Fluoroantimonic acid too! Google it and see what it is!

You mean by digging a big hole and putting the trampoline in that?


Well, not exactly. I want to keep the hole pretty shallow because I hit limestone when I dig 3 feet in the ground.

You have enough answers, I'm in general agreement with everyone else.


It doesn't read well. e.g. "Spread mortar in between the bricks to ensure that they stay in place"


That's ok. I just need to know the instructions.

Those words don't tell you how to build a masonry retaining wall. "Dig a 4 foot hole in the ground is about it", and we already knew that.


Ok? I'm really fine. I know how to build things.


It is possible, you will need to make certain the upper frame is well supported and that the void underneath is well drained. Remember, you will need to go as far down as the original stand was up, and you will not want the fabric or padding to be in contact with soil or moisture.

I don't want to keep the stand because I hit limestone when I dig 3 feet in the ground.

Compromise: dig down 3 feet, then use what you dig out to build a sloping hillock around the trampoline.

I want it to look good. I also want it to be ground level.

if you can only go down 3 feet and the trampoline is designed for 4 feet of clearance then you have a problem and could find yourself bottoming out in a rather sudden way.

Me too! Except it is 6" not 3 feet LOL

LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! I don't know why I did that.

That might be a problem. Remember, the hole needs to drain when it rains or you'll end up with a big mud puddle. How tall is the stand?

When We went to Barcelona some years ago, we saw, for the first time ever trampolines set in the ground. There were several in a row and you paid (?) for 30 mins. The spaces underneath was only about 1-1.50 FT. When you jumped they were just like a conventional but were much safer. Great Idea.


7 years ago

you could also cut of the bars and put wood under it to make it stay up.


7 years ago

yes. my friends have one so i know how. you should dig a big hole so you can fit the entire trampoline in it. if you've done that correctly, it should look like its 2 inchs of the ground. then fill the sides with the dirt you have. this should work.
(first when your planing where to dig it. draw a line beside the bars that hold it up so that you get the right size of hole.)

My neighbor did just that -
just dug a cylindrical hole and put the trampoline in it on some treated lumber pilings, on gravel. I don't know if they did anything to retain the soil.

I've had another friend that poured a concrete foundation in the ground to full depth - trouble is neither of these deal with drainage - might need a sump pump.

Thanks! I really don't want to have to get a backhoe just to put in a trampoline (see my other comments about the limestone in the ground). I was thinking of just taking off the stand and getting a professional to help me set it up.

Trouble is they have that height for a reason - you can nearly hit the ground with the stock legs and a heavier-duty jumper...