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Can you people give me a password for my computer and I can get pass my high school's firewall, please give me a answer? Answered

I want to get on like facebook, youtube, listen to music, and watch videos can you help me?


If you are just trying to access a webpage your school has blocked, trying accessing it through a proxy server.

type administrator at the prompt. then enter whatever you like. do this until you get a response. Don't give up. just keep entering "administrator and entering random passwords. Eventually you'll get the repsonse you're asking for.


In case you haven't figured it out yet, the answer is "Get your own computer, get your own internet connection, play on your own time. The school's computer is for schoolwork."

Get used to it, kid. When you get out into the real world, your employer's likely to have similar rules about using *their* computers -- but they won't set up a firewall, they'll just fire _you_ if you're spending time messing around when you should be working.

 Well, all networks at school are set up the same way.  In order to retrieve the password for the administrators account, you have to:

Step 1.  Find out who is the network administrator at your school.  Usually they have a green star on their ID badge.  

Step 2.  When you have identified who the network administrator is, you need to get their password.  When they aren't looking, go into their office and get on their computer.  Turn it on.

Step 3.  When the password prompter comes up, you have to hit the following combination:  alt+255, alt+255, alt+30, enter, alt+30, space, alt+30.

Step 4.  Sometimes this doesn't work because their computer is set to "protection" mode.  This mode prevents the alt trick.

Step 5.  (if 3 doesn't work).  You need to restart the computer, and rapidly tap F8 while it starts.  This will start safemode.  In safemode, all passwords are set to "SAF3C".  Enter this into the password prompter.  This will give you access.

Step 6.  Open up the local spyware.  They keep tabs (and can see what you are doing) at all times, and can block specific sites.  Open up your file (it should say your name, followed by 003, but can change depending on the software).  Then, go into the win file on your computer, and delete the "system 32" file.  This contains all of your spyware settings.  

You will be invisible to the computers!

There's a list of commonly used passwords HERE. Try them and combinations of them.  Then try substituting some letters for numbers and adding extra punctuation.  You should be able to find something which works.


8 years ago

You youngsters never quit trying do you? ;)


8 years ago

Come on guys, quit messing with the kid. The backdoor admin password is (DELETED BY NSA)

Does your parents know your on the internet?

Where did you get the idea that such a thing exists?
I'm serious - what happened to you today that made you think some random person on the internet would give you a magic password?
And do you have a cow to trade it for?


Shhh... don't give it away or everybody with a cow to trade will want one.

I'd happily go for magic-beans (limited grazing where I live)


The password is "Gr33nCheese77". Have fun!

Put together a good resume and apply for a position in your school district's office as an IT professional.  You'll have an administrator's password as part of the job.

I would but they only issue passwords to the A+ students.  Bring up your grades and they will issue one to you also.

Good luck.