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Can you run the Windows 7, Windows XP, and Linux operating systems on the same computer? Answered

It doesn't matter the system requirements, I'm just wondering if it's possible with todays tech.


I've got machines which are booting XP and Linux; the normal Linux install will offer to set this up for you if Windows is already present. Adding another version/copy/configuration of Windows is just a matter of creating another partition, installing into that, and adding it to the boot choices.

If you want them running simultaneously, look at virtual machine systems.

sure. you need to split your harddrive into partitions, then install every OS in an other partition. Linux most likely will offer to do this for you, windows won't. however, you should make sure you install linux last, because windows will try to kill your multiboot as soon as you start installing it.

You can, just so long as you're not using "fake-RAID"; otherwise, Linux will try to take over the boot sector and the RAID array and destroy all three installations.

Yes, install Windows XP then Windows 7 then your choice of linux distro.


8 years ago

Absolutely. It done quite often. You can do it with one HDD or multiple disk drives.