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Can you sew into Zentai suits? Answered

I'm a beginner when it comes to sewing, but Zentai suits (Elastic full body suits) seem to have potential to me to make some pretty sweet-sick costumes. Can you sew into Zentai suits? If not, how can you attach things to them as far as costume making goes? Thanks!




Best Answer 7 years ago

It's spandex. So long as you take care to tension the material and thread properly (very little or it'll bunch up) then yes, you can sew attachments on to them. How do you think they were assembled in the first place? Search 'sew spandex' and you'll see.

you can see with a lycra spandex zentai, but if you wear some other material of zentai you can hardly see through, then you had better choose no hood. for more information on bonhoo

You sure can! I combined two into a Green Lantern costume this past halloween. As frollard said, as long as you take the time to tension the material & thread properly, you'll do just fine.

I'm far too busy around Halloween to even think about creating instructables.

You can enter the Halloween contest any time of year by tagging your project Halloween. Just remember to take pictures of the build, or at least the finished costume!

Well, that's the problem. I don't take pictures of the build because I'm often too busy and working with a looming deadline, and most of my clients never send me photos, no matter how much I beg and plead.

With this particular costume, the Green Lantern, I had four days to do his *and* his friend's Green Arrow costumes, while also working all day at the costume shop putting together outfits from stock for walk-ins.