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Can you show me how to build a high torque permanent magnet motor? Answered

I viewed a you tube video showing a permanent magnet motor built and demonstrated by Rolls Royce  I would be overjoyed to know how how to build one to power a generator.


BLDC is a good choice if you can overcome its electronics driver.Brushless DC motors use permanent magnets and have a reasonable torque-speed specification.there are a lot DIY for BLDC on YouTube and Instructables,but I have never seen any detail+calculation for wire-Gauge and permanen magnet tesla in all these DIY.If you can find a detailed description please share it here.

Hint: Check your local wreckers or scrap yard for old washing machines.
Some front loaders use a motor design similar to the link above.
This way you safe a lot of wiring and getting parts to work together as you already have the mounts, bearings and all ;)

Mrerza, thank you for your reply, i have a friend that does rewinding and together we will see if we can make it work although we will need more information.


7 months ago

All motors including, PM motors and all rotary machines, Torque is just a Force and increases in proportionally to rotor radius.. Power is Energy and is proportional to Torque X Speed.. Speed is measured in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)..

Please indicate how many Watts and rpm Generator Power you want to make a PM motor for...

Yes, speed is important because AC frequency is measured in Hertz which is related to RPM and if the generator is two pole or four pole machine.. A four pole generator only needs to spin half as fast as a two pole generator for producing the same Frequency..