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Can you speed up the video? Answered

Can i speed up part of the video (eg, something cooking) because the thing i want to do takes 30 seconds to microwave?? please let me know :)



Yes, you can use a video editing software like ulead studio (it is cheap) or movie maker (it's also free) an included on windows.

Anyone know any good free software for macs where you can speed up your video. I was just filming and halfway through my camera died without me realizing. know i need to go out and get new materials tomorrow. Frustrating.

Just a note to those that only have Windows Movie Maker in xp. Search for a free wmm plugin that speeds up the video (search speed up movie maker) with better control or options to do 4x, 6x, or 8x. Wmm only has the double speed up. I think you can apply it several times but you don't see the finished results in preview and is tedious to shrink a video a few minutes long to get it the right length by just halving it. Good luck to all.

it wouldn't make any sense not to because then the 30 seconds are going to be up really fast

As long as your video shows what you want it can be edited as you like it. You could chop bits out instead? L


8 years ago

Yes! Speedng up or editing are both fine.

Fungus did slightly in his Anything he can do, you can do (preferably better)

I don't see any reason not to.