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Can you suggest an inventive instructable that can provide livelihood to agricultural communities in the Philippines? Answered

I'm a member of Jaycee International a leadership oriented organization and a participant in the local Rotary Clubs here in the Philipines. We are out to search for the project with the most community impact. Something that can provide enterprise and livelihood to 20,000 farmers in the Asian, tropical country like the Philippines, here in the island of Mindanao.



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G'day, coconut firbe is pretty good. shred and mix it with glues to form propellor blades and supports,- recycle various electrical wares to make stators/generators and make wind generators for some of the villages. teach the villagers about biomass pits for the biodegradable rubbish, collect the gas for generating electricity and cooking etc, this will help clean up the place.different ways of mixing and layering bamboo and coconut firbres when compressed and gued make eco friendly and cheap sturdy housing, flexable for natural weather nastys etc. hmmm difficult question really, hope I didnt bore anyone ~S~ Lozza

How about "authentic Philippino traditional art" sold to rich white folks in the US who need to assuage their consciences after shutting off the infomercial on starving African children the previous night?

Ask Tim Anderson!
Send him a personal message, and I bet he'll come up with some whopper ideas for you.


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