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Can you teleport objects in Minecraft? Answered

I know you can teleport players with command blocks, but can you teleport objects with them using xyz coordinates? If so, could you tell me what command you type into the command block?


for vanilla minecraft, teleport could happy with enderchests as cart562 suggests,

as for mods that I know of that I know of that can teleport items you can check out thermal expansion and their item tesseracts or there is another older mod that I don't believe has been updated yet called teleport pipes

As far as I know, not without the help of a mod of some sort, teleporting items is not in vanilla Minecraft. If you are referring to a server, than I would ask the hosts or admins about what mods they have, and if you mean Single Player, then you can search for a mod to do this in the internet and how to install it.

There is, however, a very close alternative to this, which would be using an Ender Chest. These were added in a recent update and they allow you to access the same items in two or more chests, at different, possibly very far locations. You simply make one for each place you want, and you can get to the items that say, someone else puts in there from deep in the mines. Happy crafting!