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Can you tell me how to find out the hv pin and the primary coil (input) pins from a flyback and the polarity of input ? Answered

I found a site from an instuctable (http://lifters.online.fr/lifters/labhvps/tht.htm) but it doesn't work.
I have two transformers one is old from a TV and the other is new from an monitor, from that site I find out the primary and hv negative for the old one but i didn't find out the polarity of the primary coil pins. At the new one the methods from the site didnt work. please help me.



Best Answer 7 years ago

If you can find some numbers on the transformer google " # pinout" I've had pretty good luck finding the info online. You can figure it out sometimes by using an ohm meter and comparing resistances but that's kinda hit and miss.

Also for consideration: the physical design -- look for the thinner wire (with more insulation) is probably the higher voltage end.