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Can you use a commodore 64 keyboard on a pc? Answered

I have a question I down loaded a commodore 64 emulator on my pc and It's hard to use a normal keyboard can you use a commodore 64 keyboard on a pc?



5 years ago

Yes there are several ways.
http://symlink.dk/projects/c64key/ using an Atmel ATMega-8 chip
http://biosrhythm.com/?p=910 is doing it with an arduino

I used a product called KeyRah! (http://www.vesalia.de/e_keyrah.htm) for my broken C 64 to use the keyboard. Actually I'm typing this text on my old C64 Keyboard :)

Didn't they bring the C64 case back to life as a mini pc?

I went to track it down and found this - http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Amiga-Commodore-New-PCs-Mini-PC-Specs-Price,15083.html

Now there is a machine. (sorry couldn't resist the MST3K reference)

I haven't found where the MOS Technology 6510 was being used currently, though.

New chips have to be designed and fabricated. Paul allen has a new interview with a talk show host. Does he admit to manipulating chip manufacturers ? Join the new commodore computer build club.

verence says is true per say, Though the keyboard may not be directly used, you can if the c64 (as well as any 8 bit computer) has an rs232 interface coupled with a null modem talk to a personal computer. May take some setup though. When I was a tech I used to use the serial ports to back door into servers and other systems that appeared locked up to repair them. There is more than one way to skin a cat.


If you really need a keyboard. you can get them dirt cheap.


The C64 keyboard was just a matrix of momentary switches. The processor had to scan the rows by applying a voltage and check at which columns the voltage appears.

A PC keyboard does the scanning all by itself and communicates with the PC via PS2 or USB (it sends little telegrams like: 'A key pressed', 'Left shift key released')

It should be possible to take a little micro controller to scan the C64 keyboard and convert the events into USB telegrams. I'm not sure if such a thing already exists. There will be of course the problem if the C64 had keys that don't exist on a PC keyboard.