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Can you use a pc power supply for a lab power supply but still use your pc? Answered

I want to make one of the lab power supplies from a pc power supply but still want to be able to use the pc. Is the possible or will i have to scrap the pc?



Best Answer 6 years ago

If you can disconnect your CPU board and peripherals you have
a power supply, you must like to live dangerously.

Ask some people if they have an old PC for scrap is a far far better way.


Thanks everybody the reason for me wanting to do this was that i had an old pc i wanted to scrap but also wanted to try linux on it.

Agree with the others -- while this is "possible", it's probably unwise. Scrap PCs are plentiful, so scrap power supplies are plentiful, and that's a better solution.


6 years ago

The best one to use for this is an AT supply and not an ATX. The AT one has a power switch on it. This was the standard before they went to the motherboard powering on the supply. The AT one will not have as many watts but it can stay on forever with its own power button. Olso you can get them free out of very old computers.

Don't try to dual-purpose it, bad idea.