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Cancel Membership Answered

How do I cancel my 'instructables' membership? as well as block emails. I tried to change my email alerts but there was an 'error' on the page???



4 years ago


I would Iike to cancel my membership. I have just did it couple of hours before as I thought that this is a site for cheese makers but apparently I was wrong. Please assist me in doing so.

Thanks a lot, Irit

Yes please--- I want to cancel MY membership. I only joined yesterday, but my complaints are twofold--- 1 I posted a comment and it did not work because of the----sorry --- stupid---cap-something or other --I had to type!!!!! Every time telling me it was not valid.!!!1 If this id usual procedure, then NO THANK YOU. Also being from South Africa --IF i would eventually have to pay to be a member--- ANOTHER--- No Thank You.. So Please cancel. Sorry about that, but at 72 years old---- don't need complications in my life. Thanks--- and hope THIS goes through without the Spelling thig.

The captcha thing is temporary - once the automatic thingies are happy that you are a real human being, and not here to spam the site, then it will go away.

You will not need to pay to use the site - you can if you want extra features, but the free membership allows access to all the content you need.

Plus, if you post a cool project, you might get Featured, and earn a free "pro" membership.

And as for your age, so what? My parents are both your age, my mother spends lots of time emailing friends around the world, and has just learned how to manage a charity's events online, and my father is an active bird and travel blogger.

OH and apologies for spelling mistakes.Perhaps being older --- most probably-- Than your members--- I don't always understand all the terms used. Apologies for my ignorance as well

I'd like to cancel my membership how do I do this so I don't get charged the fees anymore.Want to cancel please.

You could simply cancel your payments.

If that doesn't work, contact one of the admins on the "about" link at the bottom of the page.

Why cancel? You've only been a member for a couple of days, give us a chance. Your membership is cost-free and spam-free, and the newsletter is cool. Why not stay a member, for when you need to use the site in the future?