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Can't Download PDFs Answered

I am running a fresh installation of Windows XP SP3 on my laptop. I have always been able to download PDFs.  Recently, attempting to download PDFs resulted in a blue screen, necessitating a reboot.

Reported the problem on the forum and was told to use a different browser. Was using IE8, switched to Firefox. Still have the problem,

This a nice site as far as the concept, but very buggy.


I can not download PDF files.
WIndows 7 Home Premium, IE8 or Friefox.
What man?


7 years ago

Thanks Kelsey for moving the post to a more visible place. SO much, though, for atracting staff attention. I guess that "not being able to download PDF's" isn't a big concern for staff! I am very disappointed in this site. The content and contributors are great, but the platform is anything but.

I've moved this topic to Help:Bugs. That'll help get Staff's attention.

Thanks for all your help. It is much appreciated.

If you recall (you've been a member since November 2008), access to PDFs was moved to the paid ("pro") memberships when those were introduced last year. Older members, such as yourself, should still be able to access them.

Instead of just clicking on the link for the final PDF file, have you tried using "save link as"? On some browers, you right-click to get a menu, and that's one of the options. Does that work for you, or not?

Do you see this problem with every PDF, or just with some? I have a slow DSL connection, for example, and the longer I'bles do create problems for me. But short ones are just fine.

Hi kelseymh! Thanks for the reply.

I have this problem with all PDFs. When I get to the Instructable page and click on the PDF link, I get to the page where I can choose the PDF or custom PDF.

If I click on either, or right click and select Save Target As, I get the same result: the computer seems to be working on the download but I never get there. The blue screen of death appears to tell me there has been an exception and the OS is shutting down to avoid damage to my computer.

I also noticed on the forum that even paid members are having download problems. Downloading a PDF is such a common task and I do it successfully on other sites I visit. I can't imagine why there is such a major problem on Instructables.

Thanks again for you help. If you think of anything else, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Happy Holidays!