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Can't add project instructions Answered

I am probably doing something wrong, but when I try to add instructions in the edit window all the words go away once I save and get out.

Also, when I add instructions, then add a step, the instruction from the first step is in the edit window.  If I change the danything in the edit window it gets changed for all steps.

Can you tell me  what I'm doing wrong?



Same problem here with Internet Explorer! WHY CAN'T THEY LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE!!!!

The site is optimised for FireFox.

It means that it may not work so well if you're using Internet Explorer.

I need help too.. more replies please!!!

I am having a gard time posting some Instructables :-( I can upload photos but can't view any text I am adding... going to try from a different computer using Firefox, hopefully that works!

They seemed to have rolled out a new editor today. Could you specify your operating system and browser you are using so they can see where the trouble is?

thanks for the fast reply.

I tried 2 different computers both have Windows 7. One has IE 8 and the other IE 9.

Same Issue, I tried to write an instructable here and at work and the exact same thing happends. I put something into a step and it apepars in the next step, when I go to edit the previouss step disappears.

Did your title include an apostrophe? Apparently non-letter characters in titles are giving the new editor indigestion.

Tried it with out t5he dash and it made no difference.


You'll need to wait for HQ to fix it then.


I had a Dash (-) in the title, that might be it,
I will try it with out the dash

I just tried to edit an Instructable within the Chrome browser and it worked. But still can't edit in IE.

Also, why can't I delete one of my unpublished Instructables? There seems no provision made for doing that!

In "edit" mode, hover over the "more" menu, and select "delete" from the drop-down menu.