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Can't download photos from my Canon SD1000 power shot camera. Installed solution disk, used memory card and cable. Answered

What am I doing wrong? I find empty folders. What are the steps to use either the memory card or cable? Do I need to uninstall the solution disk?



I don't use my canon solutions disk, I either use Picasa (free program that google makes) or just the windows explorer. Also If you are using an SDHC card your computer might have problems with it. I know mine does and I have tried readers that are suppose to work with SDHC cards, and downloaded any hotfixes for windows that I could find and anything else I could think of. I ended up getting a three pack of 2GB SD cards. Not to many problems now for me.

buy a memory card reader (comes with cable) from dealextreme.com only a couple of bucks.

take your SD card to a photo place and tell em' to let you see what's on the card