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Can't find Instrucable: LED in a jar with a feather hanging, firefly effect from wind Answered

OK, I'm trying to search for an Instructable but I can't find it anywhere! I thought I had favorited it, but I guess not. Here's the description: A simple circuit made from a watch battery and and LED. One of the leads is a srping, with a feather hanging from it,. so when the wind blows, it moves the spring, connects the circuit, and the LED glows, like a firefly. Throw the whole thing in a jar and hang it in a tree, tada! I'm pretty sure it was featured within the last month or so, as I found it through an RSS feed. Any help? Thanks so much!

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Tool Using Animal (author)2009-03-13
toekneebullard (author)2009-03-13

And now I know why! Looks like I didn't find it here, but on Make, which linked to here:

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