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Can't find my followers. Answered

I know this has been asked before, but I have not seen a response. (at least, not from anyone working at Instructables)  How do I find the list of my followers?  I have several new followers and I like to look at their pages as well to see what they build, or are interested in.  Can anyone at Instructables.com help me with this?

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BrittLiv (author)2017-09-03

Hi, check out this link:


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Matlek (author)2017-09-03

Hi! When you have a new follower you get an email with 2 links: the first is a link to the profil of your new follower, the second a link with a list of all your subscribers. If you don't receive this kind of email, you can check your email settings: go to your profil, on the right there is a tab "settings", click on it, then click on email settings. Here you can choose if you want to receive notifications when you have new followers (you can choose "None", "Daily" or "Weekly").

I hope it helped!

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