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Can't get a PDF download https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Glow-Writer-Introduction/ Answered

If you try to get a PDF download of this instructable:


You get  "We're sorry we can't find that one"  in a red banner above the header. This is the same for the "Cutting-board-wallte.pdf" ( whatever that is) or customized one.

If try the save as method you get a download failed with no file message.

Using a iMac on 10.10.5


you have to have a PRO membership to do that so post a cool project get it featured and you get three months free!

I don't think that's true as I have downloaded pdfs before of projects. It appears to be fixed today and I haven't upgraded to PRO. Thanks!

If you can download PDFs without being Pro, that is a bug.

Unless they grandfathered in? robboz4 has been a member since 2006.

Possible, but they did try and remove all the grandfathered stuff once everybody got used to the idea of Pro.