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Can't post my video Answered

I've been trying to post a video and I've tried probably six times but so far, no luck.

It's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFDi6796sjE

It's associated with my new jewelry box kit business, Ready To Build  and I'd love to get feedback from the DIY community about my idea!



We're currently working through a bug release which should fix this problem shortly.

If you're HTML-savvy you can always enable the 'rich editor' and put the tag <div class="media_embed"> [[[your youtube embed code here]]] </div> and your video should show. It works for me (FF7.0.1/Win7).

Thanks, Mike! I tried and failed. But there is no rich editor on the page I'm working on.

I guess the real way to do this is to go pro. So that's the only way you can post? video, etc. I must be very dense because I didn't get that from this page.https://www.instructables.com/about/submit.jsp

Will it be easier then or would I have to use your fix?

The embed function is currently not working for both Pro and non-Pro accounts, we're working on a fix and will be pushing a release that fixes this soon.

In the meantime you can use the 'link' button when editing to link to your video. The 'rich editor' is a Pro-only feature. sorry for the confusion.

Tried to put a link to my video. No go. If I were paranoid, I'd say it doesn't like me :)

Please send me the link to your unpublished Instructable

I don't actually have a link because the thing hung up when I tried to publish. I am beginning to feel quite inept at this point.

Here's what I was trying to say.

title: Artisan Designed Jewelry Box Kits

We have just launched our new venture Ready To Build (www.buildjewelryboxes.com) It features a line of artisan designed kits which, with a minimum of tools and a love of making things, will enable people to build beautiful jewelry boxes and chests.Everything is made by us in our studio in June Lake, CA. I'd love to get some feedback and suggestions from you all in the DIY community.

You can watch our video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LFDi6796sjE#!

This sounds like it would make a better forum topic than an Instructable. From the submit page start a new forum topic (bottom left) and save the project without including a video, then send me that link.

OK, I was able to post a forum topic but after I submitted it there was no acknowledgement. I looked in the forum (craft) and didn't see it. Does it take some time?

Hi Aunt Alice, It's truly unfortunate that you are still having trouble with this. I did some research and can't find a definitive answer regarding any delay in forum posts. i tried searching for your post and did not find it. (Nor does any posts other than this help question appear under your profile.)

Does the forum post you made show up at all for you? (i.e. are you able to find it and say edit it?) - If the answer is no, then I would imagine, it did not get saved, and this could either be a bug or perhaps a one-time hangup with your browser or PC. If it is visible to you, then there is a chance that a "filter" has caused a delay in the visibility of your post to the community. How long that may take to resolve, I do not know.

What I would suggest is that you try to re-post the forum topic (if you can not locate it at all). If that fails, (or you can see the forum topic, but the community can not), then I would suggest you bring this to the attention of staff by posting what all has happened under the "Bugs Section".

With the fact that U.S. Thanksgiving is almost here, you may not have the issue resolved promptly, but it will get attention as soon as possible.

Let us know how you make out.

There is a "go pro" graphic at the bottom of all pages (on the right) but here is a link for you. It isn't free however.

Aside from that you can always try and win pro membership.

Or, you can simply post the link to your video in your instructable. Most people are capable of copying a link and pasting it in another browser window, instead of viewing from your page.

Thanks! The source function doesn't show up on my page.
So my next question is: Where do I find information on being a Pro Member? I looked but couldn't locate any information.

for some reason i managed to delete my first response to you... but since it didn't help i guess it doesnt matter... sorry.