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Can't rate any instructable Answered

Hello. Since a couple of weeks, I can't see the rating stars. Is anybody else experiencing this? The stars don't show up on any ible, but I can still see the old ratings on my You page. 


The Star Rating system was removed. You can read about that on THIS TOPIC page.

Since they did not remove the rating stats from the YOU pages, you are still able to see what was previously rated.

@Canucksgirl (I could not reply) Thanks. That makes it clear


5 years ago

That's odd! I used to have that problem, caused by my NoScript add-on, and it went away with the recent large site update.

Hmm, wierd. I took that printscreen when I made this topic (so today).

Somewhere, after the most recent ibles update, they mentioned ratings did not really pan out accurately so the "favorites" is the new emphasis more to reflect the "Like" or "I want to make it". I guess old ratings on your YOU page still show up.

Well, it's most likely browser related, so it might be useful if you'd post what browser you are using, which version, on which OS and if applicable, with which add-ons.
Maybe the techies will be able to help.

See comment above. This is not a bug.