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Cantilevered Pergola Design Plan Answered

I've been looking for designs for cantilevered pergolas and they are difficult to come by.  I'd like something that will wrap around the corner of my garage and the top beams would fan out in 3/4 of a circle pattern so that my creeping beans can have something tall to climb.  Ideally the top beams would be around 3'

Looking for function and a bit decorative since this side of my property is pretty exposed to the street.

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-08-16

Check your building codes. Something like that may need to be reviewed by your city. Which would mean they would want blueprints regarding the addition that show all the specs. Meaning you may have to talk to an engineer to get those designs drawn up.

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caitlinsdad (author)2013-08-16

They are probably hard to come by since they need to be engineered to fit the house and be supported structurally. Your building codes may not allow it. Just think of it as a deck addition to the house. Would it work?

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