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Capacitor Power Answered

I want these so badly, and I live relatively close (about 300 miles away).

You can make one heck of a capacitor bank, releasing almost half a megawatt in a split second.

My only problems:
I don't have 1600 dollars, crycry.
These things are so large that if I were to line them up side by side (so that the thinnest parts create the overall thickness) it would be 25 feet long, 14 inches wide, and almost a yard tall. THE POWER BOGGLES THE MIND

I'm so mad, if I was an adult I'd buy these in a heart beat... sigh... deal of a life time... I hope not...

and best of all, they are PULSE CAPACITORS

thoughts? comments?


what are you going to do with that much power? shoot the power back into the grid? you can probably make metal vaporize in a millisecond you could also make an EMP

oh, I don't know coin shrinking massive rail gun massive coil gun can crushing washer launching maybe launch a small rocket into space via coilgun I'm pretty sure I'd violate some sound laws, though... I wish I wish I had those capacitors

you would probably create on hell of an EMP wave with a coil/rail gun violate laws? nahhh, just don't do it TWICE in on week

no, but you might destroy all transistors (transistors, cpus, and all other devices)

u never know, it might create a surge in the powerlines that'll go to a distribution transformer, blowing it up and ramping up the surge voltage even more, leading to the power plant whichll turn the generators into power cup motors in a split second, causing extreme stress on the turbines making explode, that in effect will shut down power to the whole city resulting in mass chaos which will lead to countless roberies and other acts of crime, totally destroying he city. Sorry, what were we taking about again?

<> all this fun and excitement could be had if only the power didn't include surge suppression equipment, C.V.A. transformers, Chokes, filters and other items to control naturally generated surges like lighting... (( you might blow every thing up in your own home however )) Not cool ))

if you feed the power into your outlet, you will either blow out your fuse/circuit breaker if you don't blow it out, it should kill all electronics plugged in at your house the power might destroy some of you neighbors' appliences the transformer might explode, knocking out power to your block that's as far as it will go facts; >there is more then one power station powering your city >exploding transformers don't really cause a huge surge in your grid, the fuse inside will blow out >you would need about 10,000 of those capacitors to destroy a power station, assuming the power station doesn't have safety devices

. Just think what you could do with only one! If you had 46 of them babies, you could rule the world. If you didn't fry yourself first.


9 years ago

I tend to be rather wary of things that can kill me all too easily...

Holy crap! I want one too!

But don't have the money... :-(

I could build a massive high power tesla coil, rail gun, deadly coilgun, and make diamonds from using extreme high power and so one...