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Capacitor chargers. I need Ideas. Answered

I need some help. For a project I need to charge a few large capacitors to 350+ volts ( 2x 6000uF, 400 volts) . Normally, you would use a flash-circuit from a disposable camera. Unfortunately, they are quite hard to get these days. None of the stores who sell them here have any leftovers, and buying 10 of these cameras for 4 € each would become a little to expensive. When I used one of them (which I found somewhere hidden away) it started to overhead and lighted itself on fire.
I would also like to avoid having to plug anything in the wall outlet.
That is why I need some ideas for circuits that can boost a voltage of between 1.5 and 12 volts DC, to something near 400 DC and somewhere near 40 mA.
Is there anybody who has some ideas?

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ARJOON (author)2010-09-14

i am also having a this problem. after so much research i made a very simple circuit use 2 transistors and a centre tapped transformer to achieved it. still on test. The transformer uses steps 12v to 230v increasing the voltage input will satisfy ur voltage output

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