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Caption Contest: Win a spy camera - Updated with winners Answered

OK, we actually have a third spy camera from Wild Planet to give away so let's have another caption contest!

Now, last time we did allow a photoshopped entry, but only because we changed our minds and had two winners. This time there's only one camera left so it's captions only! Photoshopped versions will be shot into space, or at least ignored.

Also, this contest closes down at 12:01 pm PST tomorrow.

Let's look at the rules again:
- Limit of two captions per entrant
- Each caption must be a new comment
- No photoshop
- Closes at 12:01 pm PST July 16

OK? Now, go!

UPDATE: OK, the results are in and cybervanig2000 is the winner! Whooo! Thanks to everyone for submitting a caption.

And with that all of our spy cameras are gone, but we'll have more caption contests in the future.


hey, rules are made to be broken :)


Even after all these years, Gilligan is still having trouble adjusting to normal society.

Gilligan is one of the characters from an older TV show called Gilligan's Island.

Ahh, I have heard of it, thanks for the explanation.

Ugh, I knew there was something funny about that pizza. Maybe Arty, at warehouse 13 needs to snag, bag, and tag this one.

Too obscure a reference again I suppose LOL

why is that Frisbee getting bigger?

This isn't a caption: Is that a real (or rather, alive) bird?

Randy Sarafan and his business partner, Mr. Bird de la Black have been known to push the boundaries of fashion to fantastic new heights. In this exclusive sneak peek into their workshop, we catch a glimpse of what it sure to be the new "it" look - levitating sombreros.

(Reading too many fashion websites? Probably.)

Nausea headache floating frisbee flying sombraro diarreha. The new peptobismol add asures you no matter how messed up your head is it can fix you.

After his training with Yoda, young skywalfer went back to his room to practice the force some more.


9 years ago

Unaware, Fred was about to be abducted by the strange red UFO

I love my stuff, so I took it all to work!

i NEED a vacation


9 years ago

"Don't you think this bow looks absolutely dashing in my hair?"

i phail at reading, i missed the entry by an hour, curse you time zones!!!!!!

Look at the time stamp on your message. There's almost a couple hours left.

oh my god i got 20 minutes to put this caption in, hey whats that....

Unsuspecting of the flying frisbee aiming for his head, he continues to read the random posts of the caption contest.....

Apparently, he had forgotten to read that assembly of the spy gear was required. (A telescope doesn't work if you don't have the glasses to view it!)

Surfin is just not any fun when you bring the beach indoors....

randy unwillingly takes part in The Hangover II- Midlife Crisis


9 years ago

Randy is deciding whether or not he should A: cut his hair and give his bird a nest B: or cut his hair and braid a sombrero out of it

Whoa, I'm trippin, Is that the Malibu, or are those hats floating?



9 years ago

"First thing tomorrow, I'm sooo outta here," thought the little black bird.

Either gravity is failing, or there was something funny about that last stamp I licked.

A clean desk is the sign of an empty mind.


9 years ago

Randy just figured out that "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" does not apply to beaches...


9 years ago

When you can't afford to take yourself to Florida, take Florida to you.

Day 4 of Survivor: Instructables