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Car Sterio, without the stereo Answered

So here is a question that I'm sure somebody knows how to make this work. I have a Jeep, and I never listen to the radio or have a need to play CDs. So what I want to do is rip out the stereo and mod in a female headphone jack so I can plug in my iPod. I don't see the need for a stereo anymore, so if I could just have the ipod and speakers I'd be happy. I know there is going to be at least one issue, which is the iPod wont be able to drive all the speakers, so some sort of homebrew amplifier will need to be built. Anybody already done this or at least know how to do this?


*chuckle* I just reread the Subject title: Car stereo, without the stereo.

Hmm, sounds like a Car to me ;-)

I did the misspelling for the attention aspects. Firefox has a beautiful spell checker that I use all the time. Anyways, it's a 1995 Jeep. So I don't have to worry about the computer worrying about missing stereos. The reason I want to rip out the stereo is that the Previous Owner (PO) decided it would be awesome to move it from the dashboard (ruining the dash in the process and replacing it with cheap Plexiglas) and move it to a home built center console and make it face the sky. Well.. RAIN sucks and there is no way to protect the stereo from the elements when my top is off. I never listen to the radio. And I plan on removing the center console anyway. I was talking to some of my friends who used to deal with car electronics and they said that it should be as simple as hooking the speakers up to a small 100w amp, and making a female headphone jack as the input. But, I don't know if this would work and am hoping some of you electronics guru's out there might be able to give me an idea or two.

Ah, I see. Okay then. Hahahaha. Niiiiice. :\ :( I don't suck! (J/k) Like I say, if you have a tape player I'd try soldering the headphone jack to the head of the player. Any jack off a pair of headphones will do.

You can get transmitters for iPods so you can pick-em up as a radio station. Leave the stereo alone - just feed the iPod into it (as others' comments)


Thanks for the tip! I tried that, and out here there is so much interference that it makes those useless.

CAREFUL ! Depending on the year it was made, it may not work without being connected to the specific computer in the vehicle it was installed in (if it is an OEM stereo). This prevents someone from stealing it and using it in their car, etc. BUT, it means you would have to replicate the code somehow, that is generated by the computer to allow the stereo to run.

I find it interesting that you misspelled "stereo" the first time, but not the second. :D If you have a tape player, you could just make/buy a cassette adapter. I think there are instructables on how to construct a line in (perhaps by soldering a headphone jack to to the cassette player head) - we have a lovely search bar. ;)

Just keep the stereo as the amp. Look on the back for inputs