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Car remote unlock modding. Answered

im talking about the little button remote you have on your key chain that unlocks,locks and opens your trunk of your car. I want more information on the system. Is it hard to remove?  If i remove it is there a way to mod it so you can open and or shut and lock doors to your house? Seems a shame to let me little remote go to waste =)   thanks in advance.



As C-dad said you could use the one in the car and move it to your house. It is not practical for most to try to decipher the key code and replicate it for another use. You could get away with using mains current IF you stepped it down with a proper transformer (good luck finding one with hight enough amperage that is less then $100) and power supply regulator.

Of course, if you come home and the power is off, you either have to make sure you have a key or you're not getting in unless you have a battery backup system (rechargeable preferably in UPS mode) in place.

Most likely the keyfob transmitter has the matching security code for the receiver to open up your car. I guess you can tear apart the locking system from your car and install that in your house.

but that would need a battery correct? like the car battery. also...any idea where the reciever is and looks like? ;p;