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Car reverse camera with additional front camera - switching Answered


Have a q about hooking up 2 car cameras - one front, one rear and being able to switch between different settings. The monitor I have will automatically change from one camera to the other when the 2nd is powered (eg front on all the time until reverse activated switching monitor to rear camera).

The setting I want are these

1 - Forward camera on unless reverse engaged (then reverse camera on)
2 - Forward camera on only (all times)
3 - Reverse camera on only (all times)
4 - Reverse camera on only when reverse engaged
5 - All off

Any ideas on wiring this up?



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Surisu (author)2011-05-31

Hello dear Aaron,

We developed car reverse camera and car front view camera with switching.

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the switch was assorted with HONDA specialized camera for sale,
however it can be apply to any front view camera.

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